-2017 Fall Workshop
Current Members
Benjamin L’Huillier, Ph.D. Université Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris, France
Cosmology, Advanced Statistical Method, and Numerical Simulations

Cris Sabiu, Ph.D. University of Portsmouth, UK
Cosmology, Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations, Modified Gravity, Weak Gravitational Lensing

Hyejeon Cho, Ph.D.
Yonsei University
Distance measurements; properties and evolution of early-type galaxies, globular cluster systems, clusters of galaxies; stellar population synthesis models
-The Globular Cluster System of the Coma cD Galaxy NGC 4874 from Hubble Space Telescope ACS and WFC3/IR Imaging; Cho et al. (2016), ApJ, 822, 95

Mijin Yoon, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Cosmology; Kinematic Dipole; Large Scale Structure; Weak Gravitational Lensing
-Constraints on Cosmology and Baryonic Feedback with the Deep Lens Survey Using Galaxy-Galaxy and Galaxy-Mass Power Spectra; Yoon et al. (2018), ApJ, in press

Jinhyub Kim, Ph.D. Candidate
High-Redshift Galaxy clusters, Cluster Scaling Relation, Gravitational Lensing, HST Data Analysis

Kyle Finner, Ph.D. Candidate
Merging Galaxy clusters, Gravitational Lensing, Subaru Data Analysis
-MC2: Subaru and Hubble Space Telescope Weak-lensing Analysis of the Double Radio Relic Galaxy Cluster PLCK G287.0+32.9; Finner et al. (2017), ApJ, 851, 46

Minchul Kim, Master
Dark Energy, Galaxy clusters, Gravitational Lensing, Subaru Data Analysis, Cluster Merger Simulations

Seojin Kim, Ph.D. Candidate
Cosmology, Gravitational Lensing, HST Data Analysis

Juheun Lee, Master Candidate
Cosmology, Gravitational Weak-Lensing, Merging Galaxy Clusters

Wonki Lee, Master Candidate
Numerical Simulations, Merging Galaxy Clusters