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Welcome to Yonsei Observable UNiverse Group (YOUNG, 연세관측우주론그룹)

Mkjee.jpg Group leader
Myungkook James Jee (지명국),
Professor in Department of Astronomy, Yonsei University
Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University
Research interests:
- gravitational strong & weak lensing
- astronomical instrumentation
- observational cosmology and nature of dark matter
- galaxy cluster plasma physics
- machine learning

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Publication in ADS
Google scholar

Research highlights

Na2024.jpg Coma.jpg

Dark matter in the Coma Cluster region. The distribution of dark matter calculated based on this research (dark green cloud) is overlayed on an image of the Coma Cluster and more distant background galaxies taken by the Subaru Telescope. Strands of dark matter can be seen extending millions of light years.

Nature2023.jpg Icl evolution.jpg

ICL fraction evolution. Filled red circles are the current results. We extrapolated the best-fit Sérsic profiles to the same aperture to estimate the total ICL flux. The dashed line and pink shade show the best-fit linear regression and its 68% uncertainty, respectively. We weighted all data points equally and adjusted them in such a way that the reduced χ2 value becomes unity. The comparison between our high-redshift and the literature low-redshift samples shows that there is no significant evolution of the ICL fraction with redshift in observation, which contradicts the current theoretical prediction.